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TKB- THE K!DS BOOK commenced its diligent operations in the year 2023. We are engaged in creating fascinating and enticing books for the KIDS of all age group. We also have a range for grown-ups as well who are still KIDS at heart. Our main objective is to empower our readers by broadening their level of awareness across distinct sections in most engrossing way.

We are motivated to have a treasury of books for mindful reading and activities. TKB- THE K!DS BOOK has been striving for enhancement of quality of its books with an inclination to introduce our rich culture and history in various intriguing ways at the same time making it available at a reasonable price to our precious readers. With a heavy focus on visually appealing elements of books by means of illustrations, graphics, images, small formats and simple language, we truly have the belief on the capacity of our books to tell a story that would have lasting impact on the child’s life.